Seniman Cafe


Opening hours

Mon - Thurs 0900- 2230 hrs

Fri - Sun 0900-2300 hrs

We have parking very close to the café. Just drive on 40 metres and it’s on the left. Free parking on the weekends.

We’re also very close to the trains at UTC Pudu Sentral.

Seniman Kakao cafe is a cafe with a focus on chocolate

It’s a cafe serving coffee from Artisan Roastery, food with an emphasis on healthy options - free-range eggs and chicken, less sugar and salt and lots of pre-biotic vegetables. It’s a café with a chill vibe, but with a healthy dose of chocolate throughout. There’s a plant-filled courtyard, an Arab-style lounge and, of course, there’s chocolate on the shelves, on tap, in coconuts (yes, it’s true!), and mixed with Artisan Roastery coffee.