The artists who make up our bars: Azeem

Last year we asked six Malaysian artists to design our chocolate bars for us. They are Azeem, Dribblack, Satria Utama, Engku Iman, Nawwar Shukria Ali, Caryn Koh. Each come up with something quite different and interesting and we're proud to have their designs on our bars. 

Today we'll look at the apparent resident artist at Artisan Roast TTDI:



Statement on the design of the chocolate bar:

"As an Artist/Seniman, we need the jolt of Ideas. Like lightning that ZAPs. To start our pure artistic journey. In whatever work we're going to do.

And the BOX: It is when we gather and keep something in it, be it tangible or metaphorical. 

How fitting that a human being lives lengthily, carries a wide variety of weight and keeps something deep within his heart and soul. The ZAP and the BOX unconsciously like all experiences, actions and all absorbed influences portray our true nature."

Here's Azeem's artwork:

Michael WilsonComment