We have something that can make you the favourite child this Mother's Day

Our retail section is finally up! You can now find ZahuoHang's Epitome series at Seniman Kakao in Jalan Pudu Lama... just in time for Mother's Day!

Za Huo Hang is a Malaysian made time machine in the form of glass jars, integrating past and present using nature's lovingly grown and delicate creations.

Featured here are three sizes for each of the different memories Joshua has worked very hard to capture. The first is inspired by an Enchanted Forest, with autumn hues, delicate twigs, soft flowing flowers and lava rocks. Perfect for mothers, would-be-mothers, want-to-be mothers, not-mothers-but-motherly, with a passion for nature, who loves going for walks.

Next is reminiscent of a gorgeous Parisian Garden in Spring, with pastel shades, green foliage and dainty petals. Perfect for mama's that enjoy a good afternoon tea in a trendy cafe.

And the last, is a Winter Garden of feathery snow white flowers and frosty glistening branches invoking a sense of calmness. Perfect for mothers who possess the ability to instantly make you calm when storm has been raging, mothers who are the Epitome of grace and serenity.

Pair it with our exquisite chocolate single origin set featuring flavours like Chili, Cranberry & Almond, Coffee, Nibs and 72% all set in our Raub, Pahang bars; and you are well on your way to become the favourite child!