Seniman kakao

Pod to bar chocolate manufacturer


We take cacao, ferment it, dry it, roast it, crack it, winnow it, grind it, conch it, temper it and make it into exquisite chocolate.



Speciality chocolate grown and made in Malaysia

We've been on a mission to make great tasting chocolate from Malaysian cacao. In the process, we've visited farmers from the North to the South and as far East as Tawau in Borneo. We've also conducted many experiments in sorting, grading, fermentation and production. And we've loved eating all of the results.

Our products


Chocolate Bars

We use the same high quality chocolate for each of our bars. We're proud of our chocolate and don't dilute it with cheap milk or sugar. The only milk you'll find in our bars is in the dark milk bar.

In addition to the 70% chocolate bar - the purists' favourite, we have:

  1. Artisan Roast Coffee
  2. Cocoa Nibs
  3. Kedah Chilli
  4. Cranberry & Almond
  5. Dark Milk (50% cacao)

Drinking Chocolate

It's dark chocolate in a cup.

The measure of a good hot chocolate, a lactose intolerant friend of mine used to say, is how good it tastes when made with water. Our drinking chocolate is made from the same chocolate as our 70% bars, but through cunning manipulation of the crystals (yes, there is such a thing as chocolate crystals!), we've made it easier to mix into a drink.

Made with hot milk or water, it's delicious.

Cocoa Nibs

100% cacao sound a little too bitter to you? We grind cacao nibs with sugar to make chocolate. 

nibs + sugar = our chocolate

Cacao nibs are the essence of chocolate and they are very healthy for you. Our ones are roasted much lighter than the nasty ones that you've tried before, so they're not as bitter, and are delicious sprinkled on muesli, cakes, yoghurt or simply as a snack.