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Bean to bar



Chocolate like you've never tasted before.


Over 90% of the world's chocolate is produced from inferior tasting cocoa beans. Of the rest, most is grown for maximum profit, bulk-roasted for maximum profit and has additives to ensure maximum shelf-life. The result is often called fine Belgian chocolate or French luxury chocolate - it's good, but it lacks many of the flavours possible if the cocoa is carefully crafted.
Chocolatiers melt the chocolate that is made by bulk producers of fine chocolate and pour it into moulds to make pretty bars. Their craft is aesthetic. Our craft is flavour. 
We come from a background of coffee roasting and have honed our roasting craft to produce the best flavours possible from the beans. Cocoa is very different from coffee, but we found much that we could transfer. The result: natural chocolate with flavours we never knew possible from chocolate.
We use cocoa beans from the world's finest estates and carefully sort them, roast them, break them, grind them, conch them for a couple of days, add as little sugar as possible, temper it and serve it with pride.